Nothing adds colour to a summer dish quite like flowers do! These six edible flowers quickly and easily add flair and colour to your kitchen creations.




One of the most common edible flowering plants, the leaves, flowers and seeds are all great additions to a salad. The flower is mildly peppery with ‘honey’ in the spur at the end of the flower, and the leaves have a much stronger flavour. You can also eat the seeds which are perfect to pickle and use as capers.




Keep an eye out for Elderflowers in the spring and summertime. The flowers can be used to make either a fizzy drink or cordial and you can also fry them up as fritters. The berries can be cooked and eaten as well, although be warned – it can be quite a messy business!




These pretty blue flowers have a mild cucumber flavour and are not only great in a salad, they also look amazing frozen in ice cubes!




Lavender flowers are a timeless classic! Try recipes like these amazing egg, dairy and gluten free Chocolate Lavender Cupcakes or Paul Hollywood’s Lemon & Lavender Loaf Cake.




If you’re familiar with traditional Greek cuisine, you will no doubt be aware of Stuffed Courgette Flowers. However you can also add them to a  pasta or risotto for some nice colour and flavour.


Pansy & Viola


The flavour of these flowers is very subtle,  but they are beautifully decorative and are often crystalised for cakes. You can see why!


Edible flowers can be purchased from specialist companies, but if you pick them yourself make sure you identify them correctly. Also exercise caution if you have a pollen allergy as eating flowers could cause a reaction.

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Stop and eat the flowers...


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