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Myth Buster

Myth #1: "Fructose / honey / agave / rice / maple syrup are healthier options than white sugar" FALSE! In essence, sugar is sugar. A recent WHO press release strongly suggests reducing our free sugar intake from 10% to 5% of total energy intake. 5% is approximately 25g of sugar or 6 teaspoons of sugar [...]

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Chocolate and Health – Yay or Nay?

Before going to battle the Aztecs made a habit of consuming a cacao drink, as they believed it gave them unrivalled strength and energy.Cocoa has been considered a health food for over 3000 years, however our understanding of the underlying mechanisms have only developed more strongly in the recent years. Studies suggest that some of [...]

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Did you know

There are several varieties of avocados and each have a unique name, flavor, texture and harvest time. The most common type is the Hass avocado, the only year round avocado. The Pinkerton and Gwen are available late winter through to spring and summer. The Reed is available in the summer and early fall, and the [...]

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Did you know

Avocados or alligator pears are fruits and not vegetables. They are botanically large berries that contain each a single seed

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Stop the press

The sweetener asparatame is a synthetic combination of 2 amino acids. It is about 200 times sweeter than regular sugar and can’t be used in cooking as it is broken down by both heat and acidity

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Stop the press

Choose the greenest or whitest asparagus, and don’t be tempted by the thinnest. The greener or whiter the asparagus, the more tender it is

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Did you know

Asafoetida is rumoured to be one of the secret ingredients in Worcestershire Sauce

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Historic Food Fact

In 1947, Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) was crowned the first Queen of the Artichokes in Castroville / California

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Did you know

Artichokes are actually a flower bud. While globe artichokes are the large, unopened flower bud, artichoke hearts are baby artichokes with tender leaves that are picked before the prickly inner ‘choke’ has developed.

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