The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is the only body in the UK representing the whole of the dietetic workforce. Founded in 1936, they are one of the oldest and most experienced dietetic organisations in the world.

On 14 & 15 March we’ll be at one of the nutrition industries biggest events, BDA Live in London, and we’re very much looking forward to it!

The Future of Food

As part of the event’s opening plenary session, Spoon Guru’s Head of Nutrition Innovation, Dr Adrian Hodgson, will be talking about Technology as an Enabler for Making Better Food Choices.  During his presentation, Dr Hodgson will explore the latest insights and technologies and how they can in turn promote public health messages.

Research has shown that 64% of the world’s population are now following some form of exclusion diet. This means that the segment of people that require tailored food choices, often with multiple requirements, is now larger than it has ever been. For people trying to find the right foods either due to allergies, intolerances, or to improve overall health, this can be a fairly difficult and stressful undertaking. However, technology like Spoon Guru helps people find food easier and is an enabler of making better food decisions.

Adrian’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion: What Does the Future Look Like? Joining Adrian on the panel will be Giles Quick, Andy Jones, Professor Tim Lang, Dr Hilda Mulrooney, and Belinda Quick.

Presentation Time: Wednesday March 14, 09:45
Presenter & Discussion Panelist: Dr Adrian Hodgson, BSc PhD

Dr Adrian Hodgson, Spoon Guru Head of Nutrition Innovation
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