January 25 is Burns Night, a night to celebrate, and pay tribute to, Scotland’s famous bard, Robert Burns. Since 1801 suppers have been held in tribute to Burns on the night of his birthday, and this often includes poetry, pipes and, of course, food.

Soup Starters

The first course of a Burns Night Supper is usually soup. Traditional soups include Cock-a-leekie Soup (chicken,  leek and prune soup), Cullen Skink (smoked haddock soup) or Scotch Broth.

Follow the below links to find some great free-from versions of these traditional classics.



Haggis with Tatties & Neeps

Haggis is the main part of the meal. A dish described by Burns himself as ‘Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race’ in his poem Address To A Haggis, you can’t really have a Burns Night Supper without it.

If don’t fancy the idea of a traditional haggis, you’re in luck! Vegetarian Haggis is a real thing and it tastes fantastic! Traditionally served with a gravy or, more recently, whiskey sauce, haggis should be served with tatties (potatoes) and neeps (turnips / swedes).

Vegetarian Haggis is becoming more readily available in supermarkets these days, but this recipe by The Vegan Lass really is worth making.

Vegan Haggis & Whiskey Sauce Recipe & Image by The Vegan Lass

Vegan Haggis & Whiskey Sauce Recipe & Image by The Vegan Lass



Love raspberries and cream? You’ll love these Burns Night desserts! From Tipsy Laird (raspberry trifle with whiskey) to Cranachan (oats, raspberry and cream), these dishes, along with oat cakes and cheese, are a great way to end the meal!



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