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Can your business give every customer a truly personal experience?

Spoon Guru’s award winning food search technology enables our clients to deliver in a world of complex consumer preferences.

Spoon Guru helps your business pioneer a truly consumer-centric experience for your brand by supercharging metadata

Our unique combination of AI, machine learning and nutritional expertise means every product is discoverable and can be matched to an individual consumer’s needs.

Spoon Guru’s TAGSTM platform:

  • Featuring 180+ proprietary tags, offering the broadest coverage of dietary profiles across the market.

  • Empowering our partners to deliver relevant, transparent, accurate and personalised food choices to their customers.

  • Constantly evolves to support all wellbeing, lifestyle, religious and medical diets, as they emerge.

  • Proven, scalable solutions that integrate seamlessly into systems of any size.

Partner with Spoon Guru to become a leader in Consumer Search Optimisation

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