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Supercharged metadata.

Spoon Guru’s proprietary food search technology effortlessly matches products and recipes to each individual’s needs.

Every single product. Every dietary need. Anywhere in the world.


Discover our global enterprise solutions.

Spoon Guru combines world class nutrition and dietetic expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the world’s leading Diet Management Solution™.

Spoon Guru makes every single product discoverable and measurable.

Spoon Guru’s DMS™ platform:

✓  Empowers our partners to deliver relevant, transparent, accurate and personalised choice in food to their customers.
✓  Constantly evolves to support all wellbeing, lifestyle, religious and medical diets, as they emerge.
✓  Proven, scalable solutions that integrate seamlessly into systems of any size.
✓  Enables game-changing consumer solutions across the food and wellbeing sectors.

Partner with Spoon Guru to become a leader in food search, discovery and insight.



Tailored recommendations just for your customers. Our only goal is to find the perfect foods.


Eating well needn’t be a chore. Our recommendations will help everybody feel great.

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