Here at Spoon Guru friends and family are everything! As we reach our last day of Veganuary, we wanted to share some thoughts about veganism from the ones closest to us…Enjoy!


I turned vegan overnight after reading “Skinny Bitch” and crying myself to sleep over the state of the meat and dairy industries. I haven’t found any good ethical or taste bud based reason to drop this lifestyle in 8 years. I’m lighter in spirit, leaner in body and full of energy. I’m quite vain, so the number of compliments I get on my skin and eyes would be enough to keep me vegan! I think the most common misconception about veganism is that it’s hard; trust me, it’s really easy to be vegan. I had a bit of a transition period where I re-learned what and how to cook for myself, but once I had cracked vegan pancakes, I’ve been sold for life.

With Love
Maharati, Meditation Teacher


Animal agriculture has a bigger environmental impact than any other industry, destroying our forests, our water systems, our co-inhabitants of earth and the vulnerable among us. By giving up all that it produces you will help create a bright future, a common good, for all and become a much better person with heightened empathy. You think it will be hard, but the feeling of being a direct part of the solution and no longer a direct part of the problem is an extraordinary one. There is an ocean of peace and good waiting for you to swim in…and it tastes really good.

Andrew, Photographer


I should start off by saying: I don’t like rules; this also applies to the way I eat. I nourish my body with the foods I enjoy, stick to whole foods, don’t overeat and have the naughties in moderation (or not). Knowing a lot about veganism in theory and very little in practice I’ve decided to try it out as part of the Veganuary campaign. At the beginning I thought nothing of it other than: I like a challenge and I’ll learn a little!

Now the month is coming to an end and I realize: veganism is not hard, makes me eat the foods I wouldn’t normally eat, have at least 8 portions of fruit and veg a day and is the only thing that keeps me away from eating cheese (otherwise on my menu every single day). I don’t like rules, but having lived the healthiest and most sustainable month in a while I‘ve decided I might just stick with it…most of the time (no rules).

Sara, Spoon Guru Nutritionist