What a month January was! Veganuary was huge, with many people downloading the Spoon Guru app to help them on their vegan journey. While some may now be returning to their usual diet, others will be sticking to a plant-based one from here on in, or even reintroducing some foods but not others. Spoon Guru can help with any of these changes!


Types of meat-free diets

A topic of conversation we saw come up amongst some Veganuary participants, was “can I be vegan but still eat…?” The definition of a vegan diet is very specific – it’s purely plant-based and free from any ingredients derived from animals. However, there are many different types of vegetarianism, and people who want to be “vegan except for…” usually fall into one of these categories.

Here are the five major meat-free diets.  These are all available on the Spoon Guru app:

The five major meat-free diets

The five major meat-free diets


Eats fish and shellfish but no other meat. Eats all other animal products including eggs, milk & honey


Doesn’t eat any meat, fish or shellfish, but does eat other animal products like eggs, milk & honey

Vegetarian (lacto):

Doesn’t eat any meat, fish or shellfish, but does eat other animal products like eggs, milk & honey

Vegetarian (ovo):

Doesn’t eat any meat, fish, shellfish or milk products, but does eat other animal products like eggs & honey


A purely plant-based diet that doesn’t include any ingredients derived from animals


The Veganuary team has an excellent page about vegan and non-vegan ingredients.


Palm Oil

Another hot topic we’ve seen being raised in the vegan community is that of palm oil. Many individuals, and organisations like Veganuary, consider it to be technically vegan as it comes from the fruit of a palm tree, and not from an animal.

Many people, vegan or otherwise, are now choosing to avoid products containing palm oil. This is usually due to ongoing concerns about its impact on animal habitat and other environmental consequences that stem from its production.

For these reasons, and due to user request, we’ve now included Palm Oil Free as a separate category in the Lifestyle Diets section of the app.


‘May Also Contain’ Subcategories

We’re constantly evolving the app based on user feedback, and one thing we found is that people’s views on products that ‘May Contain’ some ingredients differ greatly.

Because food allergies and intolerances are very serious matters, we’ve always taken the strictest route. This means that products that carried a ‘May Contain’ warning statement were excluded from Lifestyle Diet search results. However, we found that this meant that some popular ‘accidentally vegan’ products were returning red scans.

After listening to your feedback we’ve now added ‘May Contain’ subsections, so you can decide yourself what’s right for you and how strict you want to be.

How to fine tune your Spoon Guru Vegan profile to include or exclude products with 'May Contain' warnings

Fine tune your Spoon Guru profile to include or exclude products with ‘May Contain’ warnings

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you!
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