We’re proud that a number of high-profile media outlets and press publications have written about the work that we do, and listed us amongst some of the top companies in the retail-tech industry. To read what they’ve had to say, click through using the links below.

Food Navigator - Spoon Guru

Retailers across the globe are scrutinising their business models more than ever and it’s becoming clear that collaboration is crucial. The Discovery 50 showcases the top 50 global tech start-ups powering the new retail world. So, what are the game-changing innovations you need to know about?

First published by Retail Week, April 2020

Food Navigator - Spoon Guru

An AI-powered food search and discovery platform has been developed for supermarket retail, offering a ‘Netflix-style curation for food’.

First published in Food Navigator, January 2020

Progressive Grocer - Spoon Guru

In a world where personalization has gained substantial traction in recent years, it has largely lagged behind in grocery.​ The responsibility is at least partly on the retailer to help shoppers, and many are starting to use technology to do so.

First published in Progressive Grocer, December 2019

The Telegraph - Spoon Guru

These new organisations are pioneering technology to facilitate social good and solve some of society’s ills.

First published in The Telegraph, January 2020

Food Navigator - Spoon Guru

Rachel Clarkson, a nutrition specialist at the DNA Dietitian clinic in London, says of the Spoon Guru app: ‘A significant barrier to eating more healthily is the labelling of food, because deciphering labels is not always easy. I think it would particularly help people who want to make a specific choice such as those who are gluten intolerant, or vegetarian or on a low-salt diet. It would make healthy food shopping much easier.’

First published in Daily Mail Online, February 2020

Grocery Dive - Spoon Guru

At Groceryshop, four experts sounded off on challenges facing technologies that are generating the biggest buzz in the industry today.​

First published in Grocery Dive, September 2019

Grocery Dive - Spoon Guru

The personalized nutrition technology space shows huge potential in the long-run and while it is showing some momentum in the short-term, there are still fundamental challenges to “personalized nutrition” platforms that will likely take this sector more time to mature.

First published in The Spoon, September 2019

Grocery Dive - Spoon Guru

The barriers that have prevented more rapid growth in omnichannel grocery sales are “coming down,” according to Violetta Volovich, author of the report and an associate analyst at Edge by Ascential.​

First published in Grocery Dive, September 2019

Analytics Insight Magazine - Spoon Guru

Tesco’s research and development arm, Tesco Labs, held its annual hackathon in June. The winning entry was announced on Tuesday – and it was an app to help customers choose products based on dietary requirements.The grocer already uses Spoon Guru’s technology online to aid this process, and it appears supporting shoppers with special dietary requirements is a key target for the supermarket chain as it looks to stand out in a competitive market.

First published in Essential Retail, July 2019

Analytics Insight Magazine - Spoon Guru

We present you with “The 10 Most Innovative AI and Cognitive Solution Providers in 2019” issue of Analytics Insight Magazine. The chosen companies have restyled their work ethics and technological operations with fresh AI-centric solutions to drive innovation in the disruptive market of current times.

First published in Analytics Insight Magazine, April 2019

Canadian Shopper - Spoon Guru

Tomorrow’s Shopper

by Canadian Grocer

The grocery store of the future will look a lot different than it does today. Think automated checkouts, food tailored to individual diets, produce grown in stores, and a lot less plastic packaging on the shelves. Here’s a look at the big trends predicted to influence future grocery shoppers, along with strategies that can help retailers future-proof their businesses.

First published in Canadian Grocer, March 2019

PC Mag UK - Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru Uses AI to Help Shoppers With Food Allergies
Spoon Guru is available in Tesco supermarkets in the UK, and the company is in discussions to expand the tool to US supermarkets. “Our platform enables Tesco’s customers to accurately and immediately find every product and recipe across their entire assortment that meets their dietary needs,” Stripf said. In addition to the scanning capabilities used in brick-and-mortar stores, Spoon Guru also integrates attribute filters on online sites.

First published in PC Mag UK, February 2019

Forbes - Spoon Guru

Trust, after all, is the basis for our relationships with grocers and retailers alike. We trust that what is on the label is a fair and accurate description of what we are buying. In a study published today by nutritional research and discovery organization Spoon Guru, ‘99% of U.K. consumers believe retailers have a responsibility to be transparent about food ingredients, regardless of current legislation’.

First published in Forbes, January 2019

Retail Insider.com - Spoon Guru

Top 60 Global Innovations – No. 15 – Spoon Guru / Tesco

First published in Retail Insider & Webloyalty, June 2018

Following the launch of the Digital Retail Innovations 2018 Report (sponsored by Webloyalty) a series of Q&A’s with the leading figures behind some of the key entries in the report are being published. Here is a Q&A with Markus Stripf co-founder of Spoon Guru, which features in this year’s report for its work with Tesco.

First published in Retail Insider, March 2019

FUTRGroup (formally Millennial 2020) - Spoon Guru

FUTR European RetailTech Top 50 List 2018

by FUTR (formally Millennial 20/20)

We are delighted to release the first European edition of our definitive guide of Europe’s top 50 early- stage companies in RetailTech.

First published in FUTR, March 2018

Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) & Capgemini - Spoon Guru

The Global Health and Wellness Digital Framework

by Consumer Goods Forum & Capgemini

The Consumer Goods Forum Health & Wellness initiative is pleased to bring together retailers, manufacturers and their partners from around the world under a collective mission to empower people to live healthier lives and drive shared value. The Digital Framework is intended as a guide and source of inspiration for retailers and manufacturers as they formulate plans and objectives in their organisation towards promoting healthier lives amongst consumers.

First published by Consumer Goods Forum & Capgemini, October 2018

The Grocer UK - Spoon Guru

There’s a wealth of excellent innovation in the online space that we can reasonably expect to begin to blend with brick and mortar outlets – and to some extent already has.

First published in The Grocer, September 2018

Unilever Foundry - Spoon Guru

Startup Of The Month

by Unilever Foundry Newsletter

Spoon Guru is an innovative online AI platform which provides consumers with personal recommendations on food and recipes according to their specific dietary requirements. The company recently partnered with Tesco to help its customers with specific diets and tastes to quickly and easily find suitable food/groceries while shopping online. Tesco has plans to continue rolling out this partnership throughout the rest of this year.

First published in Unilever Foundry Newsletter, August 2018

BusinessCloud - Spoon Guru

“You need to embrace technology to get this right. It was really important to us to use technology like AI and machine learning to reduce the margin of error, and get accuracy levels you could not get through manual processing, or even with nutritional supervision.” – Markus Stripf, speaking to BusinessCloud

First published in BusinessCloud, December 2018

Better Nutrition Magazine - Spoon Guru

4 Nutrition Apps for Different Appetites

by Better Nutrition Magazine

The number of nutrition apps just keeps growing, but can they help you eat a healthier diet? When researchers at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah, surveyed 217 app users, more than half said that they ate healthier food more often and more consistently, felt more motivated, and set more healthy eating goals by using an app.

First published in Better Nutrition Magazine, March 2019

The Telegraph - Spoon Guru

Andy Clarke, the former Asda boss, has taken his first director’s job since stepping down last year after two decades with the Walmart-owned grocer. The ex-supermarket boss is becoming non-executive chairman of Spoon Guru, a small technology start-up which allows consumers to search retailers’ produce ­according to their specific dietary needs. Mr Clarke said that since leaving Asda he was working on building a “portfolio ­career” and “Spoon Guru was a great business to start with”.

First published in The Telegraph, November 2017

Feast Magazine - Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru has been selected for this award as it is a brilliant example of how technology can be used in the food and grocery industry in order to solve a real problem for shoppers who have dietary requirements. The tool that has been developed by the company has also experienced rapid expansion that has allowed the company to now deliver at scale. Spoon Guru has formed partnerships with a number of retailers around the world in order to offer an innovative commercial solution that could transform the lives of shoppers. It is great that such a positive platform has received recognition at the IGD Awards and no doubt that company will continue to develop their plans going forward.

First published in Feast Magazine, October 2017

Evening Standard - Spoon Guru

London’s Best Allergy Apps

by Evening Standard

Whether it’s seasonal sneezing that cramps your style or you can’t eat out because you have a food allergy, there’s an app to sort you out.

First published in Evening Standard, April 2016

BBC Click - Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru App Review

by BBC Click

If your issue is food allergy or intolerance, then this app could come in handy. Tell Spoon Guru the foods you can’t eat, or about any special diet, and it will help come up with ideas and recipes for what you can eat.

First aired on BBC Click, May 2016

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