Business Solutions

Spoon Guru takes an evidence-based approach to turning a wide range of parameters into proprietary TAGs, giving our partners the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and delight customers. With speed, accuracy and reliability we process hundreds of thousands of products and attributes each day.

  • Better conversion to sale

  • Larger basket size

  • Higher return rate

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • Point of differentiation

  • Brand loyalty

Grocery Solutions

Consumers are increasingly demanding more  support from retailers in an effort to make healthier decisions when shopping. Spoon Guru technology empowers grocery partners to create increasingly personalized shopping experiences that customers both want and need.

CPG Solutions

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are able to leverage Spoon Guru’s data to show the concentration of nutrients in their product offerings, as well as gaps and oppotunities to grow. Overlaid with consumer demand data, Spoon Guru is a powerful partner for CPG companies.

Restaurant Solutions

From easier access to food labelling when dining to digital menus and tools to order by preference or dietary requirement, Spoon Guru is set to revolutionize the restaurant industry.