“If what you eat is who you are, Spoon Guru has found a way to help billions of users meet their identity. The AI platform scans all distributed foods and enables users to acknowledge all they ingurgitate on a daily basis. Transparency has never gone as far and the platform is already adopted by grocers around the food chain. An amazing rise and a ready to use solution at our fingertips. Thus Red Herring has selected Spoon Guru as one of the Red Herring Top 100 2019.

Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring


May 15, 2019, Pasadena, U.S. Red Herring has announced the winners of its Top 100 North America 2019 event, recognizing the continent’s most exciting and innovative private technology companies.

Spoon Guru is incredibly proud to have been selected from thousands of entrants to be listed amongst the winners in North America, especially after having also won in Europe earlier this year.

Thousands of the most interesting and innovative companies have graced the Top 100 lists over the years, and it has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs. Companies who entered were judged by industry experts, insiders and journalists on a wide variety of criteria including financial performance, innovation, business strategy, and market penetration.

Red Herring’s editors have been evaluating the world’s startups and tech companies for over two decades. It gives them the ability to see through the industry’s hype to pick firms that will continue on a trajectory to success. Brands such as Alibaba, Google, SalesForce.com, Skype, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube have all been singled in Red Herring’s storied history as companies that would change the way we live and work.

Speaking at a special awards ceremony in Pasadena, California, the publisher and CEO of Red Herring, Alex Vieux, had some encouraging words.

“2019’s crop of Top 100 winners has been among our most intriguing yet. North America has led the way in tech for so many years, and to see such unique, pioneering entrepreneurs and companies here in California, which is in many ways the heartland of the industry, has been a thrilling experience.

What has excited me most is to see so many people forging niches in high-tech and cutting edge sectors. Some of the technical wizardry and first-rate business models showcased here at the conference has been fantastic to learn about. We believe Spoon Guru embodies the drive, skill and passion on which tech thrives. Spoon Guru should be proud of its achievement – the competition was incredibly strong.” 

Alex Vieux, publisher and CEO of Red Herring

Everybody at Spoon Guru is delighted to be included along with other companies and entrepreneurs in this recognition from Red Herring, a globally recognised organisation. Being selected with other leading technology peers in both North America and Europe is great acknowledgement of Spoon Guru’s pioneering technology. We are transforming modern retail by helping consumers around the world find exactly the right foods for their individual dietary and nutritional needs.

“Having been declared a winner at the Red Herring Europe 100 in March, we are delighted to have made it into the Red Herring North America 100 list too now. It’s a great achievement to be listed amongst Silicon Valley’s top talent and testament to the fantastic work the whole team at Spoon Guru is doing.”

Markus Stripf, Spoon Guru Co-Founder & CEO

Following our second Top 100 win this year, we have now been invited to the next step, which is to present ourselves at the Top 100 Global event in November. This event will encompass the best-in-show from the Top 100 Europe, North America, and Asia. Red Herring is dedicated to support Spoon Guru’s continued path to success and innovation.

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