Today we’re announcing a pioneering partnership with Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer. Together we’re evolving the online shopping experience for a growing population with specific dietary needs.

Spoon Guru’s founders Simon O’Regan, Tim Allen and Markus Stripf explain how the partnership came about, and what lies behind the inspiration for creating Spoon Guru.

How the deal came about

When we developed our game changing diet management solution™, a food classification platform, Tesco recognised the potential to help its customers. As a first in the UK’s grocery retail space, Spoon Guru now enables Tesco to address a core consumer problem: helping customers with specific diets and food preferences to quickly and easily find relevant food choices.

The birth of Spoon Guru

The impetus for setting up Spoon Guru came in 2014 when Markus’ wife Jeany was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and found it difficult to work out what she could buy to eat. As anybody who has to adapt to new eating habits finds, ingredients can be easily missed on food labels and it is much harder to find suitable products. Simon and Tim, who also have personal experience of managing dietary restrictions, joined and were followed by a fabulous group of like minded and passionate Gurus. From inception, our goal was to make finding food easy for the millions of people with specific food needs. We are absolutely thrilled to now be working with Tesco to make Spoon Guru’s technology and expertise available to a large number of people across the UK.

How Spoon Guru will work on

Our award winning TAGS™ platform will help Tesco’s customers by making it effortless to filter their food searches on the Tesco app and online. Spoon Guru will power immediate, relevant results to match customers’ personal food preferences. At launch 11 food intolerances, such as lactose and gluten, and six diets including vegetarian, vegan, low fat, and low salt, will be available, with further food preferences to follow soon after. Initially available on the mobile app, it will be rolled out to its full online platform in the summer. The platform will be free to use for Tesco’s customers.

Taking the fuss out of finding the right food

Spoon Guru has built the world’s leading personalised food preference management tool, and our team of health professionals work tirelessly to analyse new diets and food preferences. Quickly responding to changing trends and requests makes Spoon Guru the most relevant and dynamic source of truth about precision nutrition. We are thrilled that Tesco recognises this and is partnering with us to evolve a game-changing solution for the nation’s changing food tastes and needs.

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