We are very honoured to have won the prestigious IGD Events Award for Digital Engagement.

Last night more than 600 senior executives gathered at the IGD Awards to raise a toast to the food and industry’s achievements over the last 12 months. Spoon Guru was highlighted for its innovative approach to improving the shopping experience for those with dietary requirements, using the latest technological advances in AI and machine learning.

John Maltman, Chief Executive of E Fundamentals, said:
“Spoon Guru is a really good example of how technology can be used to solve a real problem for lots of shoppers: how to find products that fit with their dietary needs. The team created an innovative solution and has moved at impressive speed to deliver at scale.

“Spoon Guru is creating partnerships with many retailers around the world to create a commercial proposition and make a real difference to shoppers’ lives. The team are clearly very passionate about what they do and theirs is a story to track.”

We couldn’t be more proud!

The IGD Digital Engagement Award – winner, Spoon Guru Limited. The IGD Awards 2017. 03 October 2017.
Photo: Tom Parkes
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