In January 2017 we released The Diet Universe infographic to illustrate the results of our study into the food and drink habits of 1,500 UK consumers.

In this study we tracked the most popular diets and analysed why and how people diet the way they do. Not only did we discover that 54% of the UK population were on some sort of diet in 2016, but we also looked into what people’s biggest dietary hurdles were. The results were fascinating!

You can find The Diet Universe infographic here.

At the end of 2017, we conducted a new survey to look at how dietary requirements affect people’s quality of life. Dietitians Dr Carina Venter and Kate Maslin reported on this survey for NHD Magazine and found that the Spoon Guru app had a massive impact on people’s quality of life.

The infographic below highlights some of those survey results.  

“Suffering from food allergies, intolerances or even a self-perceived need to avoid certain foods can negatively affect quality of life. Two of the main factors include the difficulty as well as the time required to shop for suitable foods. Smartphone applications may assist in making shopping experiences more positive.”

Carina Venter & Kate Maslin, NHD-Extra.

Read the full article by Dr Carina Venter and Kate Maslin here.

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