Are you taking part in Veganuary this year?

This year 50,000 have already signed up to take part in Veganuary and are adopting a vegan diet for a month. While there are many reasons to go vegan, be it for animal welfare or health reasons, or to try and reduce our environmental footprint, many people are daunted by the challenges that dietary changes like this can bring.


That’s where we come in.



Our food search and discovery app has an in-built vegan profile which we’ve renamed to “Veganuary!” for the month. By selecting this option the Spoon Guru app automatically filters out what you can’t eat and helps you discover what you can. Not only are obvious ingredients like meat, dairy, and eggs and honey taken into consideration, all of the obscure ingredients you may not have realised were animal based such as Vitamin D3, casein, carmine (E120), and lanolin are excluded too.

While the barcode scanner will tell you if a specific product is or isn’t vegan, you can also find lists of products and recipes. Need a new breakfast cereal? A product search on ‘cereal’ or ‘Kelloggs’ will give you a list of breakfast cereals that fit in with your new diet. Stuck for what to cook for dinner? Run a recipe search on the word ‘dinner’, or even list the ingredients you have in the fridge, and we’ll give you a list of recipes.


Because every body is different, you can also choose to add further dietary specifications to your results. Whether you’re looking for low sugar or low fat options, or if you need to make sure you’re not eating food containing gluten, nuts or soy, you can very easily set up the app to take all this into consideration with just a few swipes.

With hundreds of different dietary combinations, a database of over 150,000 everyday products, and a library packed with searchable recipes, the Spoon Guru app makes finding what you can eat easier than ever.

In fact, the team at Veganuary are encouraging people to use the Spoon Guru app as part of their starter kit!

Veganuary Starter Kit

For more information about Veganuary, head over to and don’t forget to follow us on social media for daily foodie inspiration and news.


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