Doing Veganuary? Spoon Guru Can Help!

When you start Veganuary, the first few grocery shops can feel overwhelming and time consuming. Suddenly you’re reading every label and discovering milk hidden in everything, from crisps to artificial sweeteners. And as if that’s not enough, then there are the obscure non-vegan ingredients – Vitamin D3, Shellac, and a whole raft of E-numbers.


It’s good practice to familiarise yourself with what’s in the products you’re buying. But finding vegan food outside of the free-from aisle can be challenging, especially when you’re just starting out. And that’s where we come in.

Download the free Spoon Guru app

The Spoon Guru app has been created by and for people who can’t just ‘eat anything’. It’s available for free in the UK & USA, on both the App Store and Google play. Not only will the app help you to quickly and easily find food in supermarkets, it also has a large library of recipes, all tailored to your unique personal preferences.

Download the free Spoon Guru app on the App Store and Google Play


Set up your unique profile

The Spoon Guru ‘Vegan’ profile takes into account all of the obvious non-vegan ingredients such as meat, milk, and egg, as well as the more obscure ingredients, such as Vitamin D3, Lanolin, and Carmine, among others. In fact, unless you wish to filter out products that also have ‘May Contain’ allergen warnings, we recommend that you keep the individual Egg, Milk, Fish, or Shellfish filters switched off, as these ingredients are automatically excluded with the Vegan filter. If you do have an allergy or intolerance to any of these ingredients, you can manually turn the ‘May Contain’ filter on or off with the dropdown menus in the Food Intolerance / Allergy section.

The app also has a range of additional dietary preferences for you to choose from such as Palm Oil Free, Low Sugar, and Organic, and includes more than 14 major food intolerances with over 180 subcategories.


Search and scan your way around your supermarket shelves and kitchen

With over 50,000 products in our database, the handy barcode scanner makes it easy to find all of those ‘accidentally vegan’ products. Not sure why something isn’t vegan? Ask us! We’re always more than happy to let you know which ingredient has caused a red scan.

But the app isn’t just a barcode scanner. Use the handy search function to help you quickly and easily find suitable recipes and products.


Use the Tesco site to look for groceries online

If you live in the UK, you’re in luck. We’ve partnered with Tesco and are helping to power their online grocery search. This means that you can confidently filter Tesco’s grocery search results by diet to save you a ton of time. Try it out here!


If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us through our social channels or email us


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