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Spoon Guru is for the 64% of us who can’t just ‘eat anything’

Finding good food when you’re on a restrictive diet can be difficult. We know, we’ve experienced it too!

Our mission is to take the fuss out of finding the right food. Whatever your food requirements or preferences may be, Spoon Guru finds food for every body!

Our story

The impetus for setting up Spoon Guru came in 2014 when Markus’ wife Jeany was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and found it difficult to work out what she could buy to eat. As anybody who has to adapt to new eating habits finds, ingredients can be easily missed on food labels and it is much harder to find suitable products. Simon Oregan and Tim Allen, who also have personal experience of managing dietary restrictions, joined immediately as co-founders and were quickly followed by a fabulous group of passionate people and a number of successful investors like Nicole Junkermann.

Spoon Guru is now rapidly becoming the world’s leading safe, accurate and reliable dietary management solution. By combining world leading expertise in nutrition and dietetics with state of the art machine learning and research science we are able to deliver relevant food choices that exactly fit consumers’ individual food preferences. Spoon Guru supports an array of wellbeing, lifestyle and medical diets, accurately matching foods and recipes to people’s unique dietary needs.

From inception, our goal was to make finding food easy for the millions of people with specific food needs. In addition to a pioneering smart food search & discovery app, Spoon Guru has recently announced a game changing partnership with Tesco to help customers with specific food preferences to quickly and easily find relevant food choices. Spoon Guru is now gearing up for expansion across food sectors and multiple territories including the US, Germany and Australia.

Spoon Guru caters for everybody’s food preference – because every body is unique.

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