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Spoon Guru is for the 54% of us who can’t just ‘eat anything’

Finding good food when you’re on a restrictive diet can be difficult. We know, we have experienced it too! Our mission is to take the fuss out of finding the right food. Whatever your food requirements or preferences may be, Spoon Guru finds food for every body!

Our story

Spoon Guru started in London, 2014. When Markus’ wife Jeany was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, she found it difficult to work out what she could eat, whether it was in supermarkets, restaurants, or at home. As many people who have to adapt to new eating habits find, ingredients can be easily missed when reading product labels, and seeking out recipes that fit personal dietary needs can be time consuming.

When Markus searched for an app that could help, he was surprised to find that there weren’t any. And so he, along with his good friends Simon and Tim, created Spoon Guru. And they’ve been driving innovation to champion consumer choice ever since.

Spoon Guru has grown a lot since then. With a wealth of experience in technology, data and nutrition, we’ve been developing the world’s leading personalised, safe, accurate and easy to use food preference management tools. For you. For us. For everyone.

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We currently have no openings but do get in touch if you feel like you have a skill or talent that could be put to good use.

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