Our mission is to transform the world of food shopping & discovery.

We believe

choosing what to eat should be a joy not a chore.

We know

most people nowadays have at least one dietary preference – whether that’s being vegan to avoiding sugar or any ingredient.

We exist

to take the hassle out of finding the right food.

Having a dietary preference is the new normal

The stats

of the world’s population now follows some form of exclusion diet

average number of dietary preferences per shopper

shop elsewhere to get specific food.

want to be healthier

would switch supermarkets if it better supports their health and wellness needs

Happy consumers means a thriving business

Personalised experiences create deeper brand relationships and drive loyalty

More product choice drives volume and value

Better service attracts new consumers to grow your market share

Why Spoon Guru?

We are the market leader in nutritional search and discovery. Our award winning AI and machine learning products generate the most advanced, accurate ingredient and nutrition data. Services designed to put the consumer’s dietary needs at the heart of your business, wherever they interact with you.


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