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Our Nutrition Team members are all registered nutritionists, and their expert knowledge is regularly sought out by press for health and nutrition articles.

September 27th, 2018|Blog|

Fish Allergy Fact Sheet

Finned fish is one of the most common food allergies, particularly salmon, tuna and halibut, and is usually lifelong. While many food allergies are usually first observed in babies and young children, about 40% of sufferers experience their first allergic reaction in adulthood. This fact sheet explains what a fish allergy is and how to manage it.

September 17th, 2018|Blog, Fact Sheet, Fact Sheets|

The Halal Diet Fact Sheet

“Halal” is an arabic word which means permissible or lawful. When used in reference to diet, ‘halal’ simply refers to the food and drink that is permissible for a Muslim to consume. This fact sheet explains what is and isn't permissible to eat on a Halal diet.

September 14th, 2018|Blog, Fact Sheets|

Shellfish Allergy Fact Sheet

Shellfish allergy is one of the most common allergies, particularly in adults, and is typically life-long. It can also present with severe symptoms like anaphylaxis. This fact sheet explains what a shellfish allergy is, the difference between the two Shellfish groups, molluscs and crustaceans, and how to manage shellfish allergy.

September 14th, 2018|Blog, Fact Sheet, Fact Sheets|

Where Do You Get Your Protein From?

One of the most common questions around plant-based diets is: where do you get you protein from? And rightly so, it’s essential to make sure your diet is balanced. A plant based diet can easily provide enough protein, if you know where to look. This plant-based protein fact sheet will give you some great information, suggestions, and tips!

July 12th, 2017|Blog, Fact Sheets|

The Dairy-Free Fact Sheet

Dairy milk is an excellent source of nutrients that are vital to good health. With many people suffering from lactose intolerance, dairy allergy, or omitting dairy from their diet for other reasons, this dairy-free fact sheet explains which major nutrients dairy provides, and where else they can be found.

June 1st, 2017|Blog, Fact Sheets|

What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease is not an allergy or intolerance, rather an autoimmune condition that affects the small intestine. It is caused by the immune system’s reaction to gluten, which is why people suffering this condition have to follow a strict gluten free diet for life. This fact sheet explains more about Coeliac Disease and what can living with this condition can mean for people.

April 6th, 2017|Blog, Fact Sheets|

7 Super Easy Dairy Free Chocolate Recipes

We’ve rounded up seven of our favourite dairy free chocolate recipes - one for each day [...]

October 12th, 2016|Blog, Recipes|

Food Myth

According to popular belief, bananas can alleviate depression. Although bananas cannot effectively treat depression, some [...]

July 31st, 2015|Blog|