Spoon Guru Shortlisted For IGD Award 2017

We’re very proud to have been shortlisted as finalists in the Business Excellence Category for the IGD Digital Engagement Award 2017.   The prestigious IGD Awards celebrate business excellence, people development, sustainability, and individual success in the grocery industry. We're delighted to share our category with some of the biggest brands in consumer retail. Spoon [...]

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Spoon Guru Announces Partnership With Tesco

Today we’re announcing a pioneering partnership with Tesco, the UK’s largest grocery retailer. Together we’re evolving the online shopping experience for a growing population with specific dietary needs. Spoon Guru’s founders Simon O’Regan, Tim Allen and Markus Stripf explain how the partnership came about, and what lies behind the inspiration for creating Spoon Guru.   [...]

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Spoon Guru Reveal Over ¼ of Brits Diet To Improve Their Health

Spoon Guru investigated the food and drink habits of 1,500 UK consumers and analysed their specific dietary preferences and motivations. The Diet Universe tracks popular diets and analyses how they relate to people’s specific dietary habits, goals and challenges. 54% of the UK population were on a diet in 2016 Public’s attitude to food and [...]

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Where Do You Get Your Protein From?

One of the most common questions around plant-based diets is: where do you get you protein from? And rightly so, it’s essential to make sure your diet is balanced. Since meat and other animal products are major sources of protein, fats and minerals, it’s important to know what the best alternatives are. A plant based [...]

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11 Easy BBQ Recipes

Heading to a BBQ this summer? These recipes are bound to impress everyone, no matter what their diet! Super Salad Sidekicks Pasta Salad Potato Salad Mediterranean Quinoa Salad   Griller Tactics BBQ Black Bean Burgers Grillable Veggie Burgers BBQ Tofu Moroccan Vegetable [...]

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The Dairy-Free Fact Sheet

Dairy milk is, undeniably, an excellent source of nutrients that are vital to good health. However with many people suffering from lactose intolerance or dairy allergy, or simply omitting dairy from their diet for other reasons, it’s important to understand what major nutrients dairy provides, and how they can be replaced in its absence. Calcium [...]

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8 Ways To Use Up Those Old Bananas

  This week it was reported that in UK households we throw away 1.4 million edible bananas each year. The report claims that 30% of us bin a banana if it has a minor bruise, and 13% turn their noses up at a bananas that are a little green. But bananas aren’t a one-trick fruit, [...]

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How To Make Meat-Free Bacon

When challenged with the idea of giving up meat, many people’s first reaction is “But… bacon!” So what is it that makes bacon taste so good? It comes down to the combination of the salty and umami tastes, a smokey flavour, and a chewy, crispy texture. So can you replicate it? You bet! In fact [...]

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What is Coeliac Disease?

Thanks to an increase in demand for gluten-free products, coeliac disease has been in the media spotlight lately. However, there is still some misunderstanding about what it actually is and what living with this condition can mean for people. What is Coeliac Disease? Coeliac Disease Symptoms Gluten Containing Foods How Spoon Guru Can Help Further [...]

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