Harness the Power of AI based personalised nutrition
to transform food discovery

Our mission is to drive positive change, secure consumer trust, create better shopper outcomes, and to drive value for our retail clients.

Every person has dietary preferences and health needs

64% of the world’s population now follows some sort of exclusion diet

On average 3.3 dietary preferences per shopper

76% of consumers have unintentionally consumed food that’s restricted from their diets

Spoon Guru is a digital health innovation partner to leading grocery retailers around the world

Watch Spoon Guru in action

Our solutions power customer touchpoints across loyalty, personalisation, online and in-store experiences.

Our partners see significant increases in conversion rates, basket size, return rates and customer lifetime value.

76% of consumers want to lead healthier lives

Only 1 in 4 consumers believe that supermarkets are doing enough to support their health.

Spoon Guru solves this problem for you.

Our Awards

Spoon Guru has won numerous international awards for Digital Health, Retail Technology, and Innovation.


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