Powering intelligent commerce at every touchpoint

Unlock revenue and increase loyalty through smarter shopping experiences that match your customers’ health and lifestyle needs

of shoppers exclude at least one food from their diet
(Spoon Guru Research)
is spent on specialty foods each year in the United States to avoid one of the top nine allergies
(Food Allergy Research & Foundation (FARE), 2020)
consumers changed their diets since the onset of Covid-19 to feel healthier
(PWC Research)

Make it easy for your customers to love you

It’s a simple fact.

When you make it easy for customers to discover the foods they are looking for, you get happier shoppers, who buy more and stay loyal.

Spoon Guru enables you to deliver a seamless, personalized product discovery experience – across all touchpoints – that accurately reflects your customers’ dietary, health and lifestyle needs.

How intelligent commerce & smart shopping sets you apart

Spoon Guru’s AI uses behavioral and product data to deliver insightful, satisfying shopping experiences.
And every customer touchpoint provides us with more data to make your shopping even smarter.

  • Revenue
  • Omni channel experience
  • Customer experience
  • Health & sustainability
  • Now & Next Insights

When smart search, accurate filters and personalized recommendations make it easy for your customers to find exactly what they want, they buy more often and discover new products.

higher conversion rate

higher spend per shop

Build engagement through insight that can be seamlessly applied to every customer touchpoint.

Our highly accurate data enables:

  • Personalized swaps and recommendations every time a product is scanned in-store or viewed online
  • Preference-based goal score tracking and recipe suggestions on your loyalty app
  • Incentives and rewards that support your customers’ goals

Differentiate your brand with a personalized shopping experience that reduces customer churn and encourages returning shoppers to always discover more to buy.

Returning customers who use filters powered by Spoon Guru spend more than double than those who do not.

Transform your ESG and CSR targets into an engaging customer retention strategy. Everyone loves a brand that understands how best to support their health and lifestyle goals.

1 / 4
Only 1 in 4 shoppers believe that supermarkets do enough to help them eat more healthily. (Spoon Guru Research)

of all adults are motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes due to the coronavirus. (UK Gov)

Respond quickly to the latest changes in customer needs and developing trends.

Our AI continually analyzes evolving search trends, shopping behavior and multiple product attributes so you can optimize your category coverage, merchandising and promotional activity.

Our secret sauce:
here’s how we make it happen

It doesn’t matter how many PIMs you use to plot products against customer preferences if your data richness and accuracy is not 100%.

  • Enriched data
  • Intelligent Commerce

Our AI and enriched data does all the heavy lifting in analyzing whether your products, categories, recipes and content have real relevance for every single shopper.

We power intelligent commerce by overlaying smart TAGs® on each of your products to ensure you realize commercial value from happier shoppers.

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