Harnessing the Power of AI
to Transform Food Discovery

Helping consumers discover the right food whatever their
dietary preference, health objective or lifestyle choice.

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Combining AI and machine learning with nutritional expertise to determine every product’s or any recipe’s true suitability for each individual shopper.

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The Situation Today

Having a dietary preference is the new norm.

64% of the world’s
population now follows
some sort of exclusion diet.

On average 3.3 dietary
preferences per shopper.

76% of consumers have
unintentionally consumed
food that’s restricted
from their diets.

Why Spoon Guru

Our partners see significant increases in conversion rates, basket size, return rates and customer lifetime value.

Proven Partner of Leading Retailers Around the World


If what you eat is who you are, Spoon Guru has found a way to help billions of users meet their identity. The AI platform scans all distributed foods and enables users to acknowledge all they ingurgitate on a daily basis. Transparency has never gone as far and the platform is already adopted by grocers around the food chain. An amazing rise and a ready to use solution at our fingertips. Thus Red Herring has selected Spoon Guru as one of the Red Herring Top 100 2019.

– CEO, Red Herring

Tesco website best for low-sugar fizzy drinks, finds study.

– The Grocer

Spoon Guru has had a really positive, demonstrable impact on our online business since launch.

– Head of Health, Tesco

My husband needed to go on a low cholesterol diet and my daughter has just turned vegan. This feature is a lifesaver!

– Tesco Shopper

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