Spoon Guru was born from frustration -
a frustration that anyone with dietary requirements will find familiar

Our Founding story

Founders, Markus Stripf, Tim Allen, and Simon O’Regan have been passionate advocates of a more intelligent and compassionate commerce due to their personal experiences with food allergies. They created Spoon Guru to solve the enormous challenge of helping people find food that meets their needs. And, when Andy, the former CEO of Asda/Walmart, joined forces with them it was apparent that what had started as a consumer cause was now an opportunity for smart retailers to differentiate and optimize their shopping experiences.

Today, we are thrilled to add value to – and unlock revenue for – many retail clients all over the globe as we make shopping smarter and easier for everyone.


Where we want to take you

We want retailers to sell more and drive loyalty by helping their customers to discover products based on their dietary needs, health goals and ethical preferences.


Where we are going

Our vision is to make a positive difference at scale to the way we sell and buy food.

  • To add value to your business.
  • To deliver a more healthy and sustainable shop.
  • To enable true lifestyle choice through highly personalized shopping experiences.

What we live by

We are hands on.

We work with you to deliver – all the way.

We are partners.

We don’t just sell solutions – we work with you to build trust over time and create long-term partnerships.

We share our knowledge and experience to help you meet your commercial objectives.

We are progressive.

We use technology that is easy to integrate and built to scale.

Our platform helps you understand your customers – and ensures your customers can easily discover what they love.

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