Our solutions rely on the quality,
richness and integrity of our data
and the sophistication of our tech.

But, at heart, we are not a tech firm nor a data provider.

We are your retail partner, providing ongoing solutions for you to sell more and build loyalty.

Our dedicated Customer Success team is always on hand to work alongside you. We head up the partnership and you’ll quickly get to know us – we’re a friendly bunch.
Working across departments with many of your internal teams we help ensure you are driving revenue, hitting goals and using our solutions to the max.

As you may have guessed, wallflower is not our middle name. We are hands-on in using our expertise and knowledge across data, nutrition science and insight to help you deliver amazing customer experiences.

Without wishing to blow our horn too much, here’s what we are here to help you deliver:

  • Your targets, results and goals for commercial, customer and long-term gains
  • Your omnichannel strategy and implementation
  • Guidance on best practice to maximize value
  • Translation of complex data-driven methods into actionable insight
  • Smooth processes through cross-functional knowledge and team alignment

While our initial aim is to help you realize first value as soon as possible, our eyes are always on the longer-term prize – your KPIs and goals for sustainable growth.

Commercial impact

We judge our success by ensuring that what we deliver translates to improved conversion rates, greater basket sizes and incremental spend.

Customer experience

We help you to drive NPS by delivering the best experience possible for the changing needs of your customers.

Long-term value

We ensure that the halo effect we help you deliver to your customers continues to drive long-term loyalty to your brand.

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