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Retailers can now quickly deploy Spoon Guru’s Nutrition Intelligence Solution to their Google Cloud environment and empower their customers to experience food shopping in new ways.

Spoon Guru + Google Cloud

The Problem

Many shoppers with dietary preferences struggle to find the products they need, leading to frustration and missed opportunities for retailers.

As consumer expectations evolve and people seek to lead healthier lives, retailers have a chance to stand out by helping customers find suitable food options. However, many retailers lack the data and expertise to do so effectively, resulting in incomplete or, even worse, incorrect nutrition information on their products.

Without reliable nutritional intelligence, retailers cannot provide personalised experiences that meet the specific needs of their customers.

Our Solution

We create attributes based on a variety of factors, such as on pack labels, ingredients, nutritional values, allergens and other metadata. We look beyond the label to determine a product’s suitability for any given health, nutrition or lifestyle diet.

Our platform uses highly trained machine learning models augmented by expert nutritionists to deliver highest possible (99.8%) accuracy and guarantee maximum coverage of the retailers product portfolio. Our methods provide far superior coverage by dietary type, allowing customers up to 40x more choice, dependant on category.

This returns all eligible foods across unlimited combinations of dietary filters when searching for products within milliseconds for an optimal customer experience.

Easy to implement

Being natively available within the Google Marketplace, Spoon Guru’s Nutrition Intelligence Solution is quick to deploy with no additional technology integrations needed.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our nutrition and technology experts are available to help you with your health initiatives.

Optimised Catalogues

With an accuracy rate of 99.8%, your product catalogue categorisation is optimised for better coverage, search & filter results, and product recommendations.

Here’s how it works

  • Improve search & discovery
  • Improve recommendations
  • Improve insights

Improve product search and discovery both online & in-store

Examples include: filter and search, in app barcode scanning, dietary labels, curated zones, etc

Offer better personalization with relevant recommendations

Examples include: through marketing, product recommendations, offers / coupons and loyalty schemes

Optimize grocery operations with better insights

Examples include: range reviews, customer segmentations, progress on health and regional / store-type merchandising

How our solution is offered

  • Our app can be accessed via a single API
  • Use as a SaaS offering
  • Use as an enterprise managed service

Talk to one of our experts

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