Health+ for the USA

Your customers want to shop more healthily. Together, we can make this happen.

Put your customers’ health at the heart of every shop with goal setting, personalization and behavior science

of Americans are now paying more attention to their health
of American shoppers find it difficult to navigate healthy food options in supermarkets

Your customers need your help

Health+TM empowers you to partner with your customers in meeting their health goals.

It places your health and sustainability strategy at the heart of every customer’s shopping journey.

The health and sustainability opportunity

For too long we have seen turning our health and sustainability strategies into a reality as a challenge.

As regulatory pressure, shareholder pressure and consumer expectations continue to increase, perhaps it is time to stop focusing on the pressures and start benefiting from the opportunities.

Health and sustainability are intricately linked – food production accounts for 30% of global emissions, so changing what we put on our plates can have a massive impact.

Health+TM empowers your customers to easily make informed choices that are both healthy and sustainable for the planet.

Be your customers’ healthy shopping partner.

Because loyalty is built on shared values and goals. 

Health+TM enables you to help your customers achieve their health goals at every shop.

And it makes it simple for them to do this by using your existing loyalty programmes and communication channels.

Here's how it works

Our omni channel approach ensures your health and sustainability strategy never becomes siloed. Instead it places this strategy at the center of every customer’s shopping journey.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Behavioral Science

Our enriched data provides more accurate and detailed information about nutritional, dietary and sustainability attributes for every single one of your products.

Health+ MyPlate Insights video (2 mins)

When your customers identify a health or sustainability goal we recommend healthier alternatives as they shop, monitor their progress toward their goals for each basket, and suggest suitable recipes to try.

Health+ Product Recommendations video (1.2 mins)

Gentle nudges, such as recommendations and progress trackers, have been proven to ensure success in goal attainment, and we have added elements of gamification and social sharing to maintain engagement.

Health+ Nutrition Goals video (2 mins)

Meeting health needs through exceptionally personalized shopping experiences is a massive opportunity.

Some of the world’s biggest retailers are already working with us to drive increased engagement, spend, and lifetime value by responding to their customer’s personal health preferences.

Health+TM will elevate your brand reputation, secure competitive advantage and ensure you always remain your customer’s first choice.

Your customers are crying out for help meeting their health goals.
Only the retailers who can take this journey with them will win their loyalty.

Are you ready to walk the walk?

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