Spoon Guru awarded Food Tech Innovators of the Year

Spoon Guru awarded Food Tech Innovators of the Year

Spoon Guru is very proud to have been honoured with this year’s Food Tech Innovator Award in the Technology Innovator Awards 2023 by Innovation in Business.

“With such brilliant waves of innovation rippling through every industry, it’s always inspirational to take note of those acting as a leading light for a plethora of developments. From transformations, developments, and advancements to tangible structures for successful wealth and workforce management, and more, this year’s Technology Innovator Awards features an assortment of award-winning businesses which raise the bar within their respective industries.”
– Innovation in Business


“All of us at Spoon Guru are delighted to have been recognised with this award. There’s no doubt that Gen AI is revolutionising grocery retail and we’re proud that our innovations are helping to shape the future of the industry through its applications in conversational commerce, hyper-personalized marketing, and optimized operations.”
– Markus Stripf, Spoon Guru Co-Founder

See our Gen AI Meal Planning Solution in action here:

About the awards

Innovation in Business recognizes the paramount importance of acknowledging the remarkable contributions made by businesses in the ever-evolving technology sector. The Technology Innovator Awards 2023 provides an exceptional platform for companies to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, game-changing innovations, and positive impact on the business landscape.

With a proud legacy of five successful years, this esteemed awards program celebrates the outstanding achievements of businesses in the dynamic world of technology.

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