Spoon Guru will bring nutrition science technology to Google Cloud Marketplace

Spoon Guru will bring nutrition science technology to Google Cloud Marketplace

London, 27 September, 2022: AI nutrition technology company Spoon Guru today announces the formation of a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to create innovative grocery retail solutions, starting with a product search and recommendations engine.

The partnership is designed to create dynamic, personalised digital nutrition services readily available to people through technology anywhere, and at any time. With Spoon Guru’s commerce solutions, developed using sophisticated algorithms, available on Google Cloud Marketplace in the next coming months, retailers will be able to quickly deploy Spoon Guru solutions to their Google Cloud environment and empower their customers to experience food shopping in new ways. Experiences will be more personalised and precisely relevant to their unique needs, matching their lifestyle, dietary preferences, and health requirements. 

Good nutrition is at the heart of global health, and currently there is a diet-related health crisis. Across the globe, poor diet has been named as the largest determinant of poor health above smoking and high blood pressure, resulting in around 11 million preventable deaths every year. As numbers continue to grow, grocery retailers are looking to new technologies that drive shoppers to make healthier choices in simple, engaging, and effective ways. 

Furthermore, by offering its technology on Google Cloud Marketplace, Spoon Guru will be able to better deliver unique joint solutions at scale to more retail clients. This will enable grocers and retailers to confidently categorise their product catalogue with increased accuracy, ensuring better coverage when it comes to search, filter, and recommendation results. 

Spoon Guru has successfully deployed numerous solutions with grocers worldwide to help consumers shop and eat healthily. Working with certified nutrition experts and public health organisations in both Europe and the US, Spoon Guru’s proprietary algorithm provides unrivalled accuracy when it comes to matching people with the right foods for their needs.

“Spoon Guru is already enabling health personalisation for retailers globally and we are excited to see the value they will bring to our retail customers. Finding products for individual dietary and health needs can be challenging so this partnership between Google Cloud and Spoon Guru will enable customers with technologies that provide even more satisfying and relevant experiences to their end consumer.”

Paul Tepfenhart, Director Global Retail Solutions, Google Cloud

“Spoon Guru’s partnership with Google Cloud represents a significant step forward to helping global retailers provide accurate and personalised food recommendations for their customers, and ultimately further our mission to improve people’s lives by helping them eat well and live better.”

Markus Stripf, Co-Founder and CPMO, Spoon Guru


Shruti Chawla
Shruti Chawla Reed