Spoon Guru will bring nutrition science to Google Retail Cloud

Spoon Guru will bring nutrition science to Google Retail Cloud

Spoon Guru and Google have entered into a strategic partnership to create innovative grocery retail solutions to better support consumer health and dietary needs. This will enable grocers and retailers to confidently categorise their product catalogue with increased accuracy, ensuring better coverage when it comes to search, filter, and recommendation results.

We are in the midst of an obesity epidemic according to many studies, including a particularly concerning report from the WHO in May 2022. With obesity being one of the key risk factors for many noncommunicable diseases, the food as medicine movement has really started to pick up momentum. 

Grocers are realising that they now have a unique opportunity to help shoppers reach their health goals. In the USA, the FMI’s The Food Industry Speaks survey found that four in five food retailers employ dietitians, with nearly half of these in strategic leadership roles. It also found that for two thirds of retailers, utilising food to both manage and prevent health issues was one of the biggest upshots to last year’s profits.

With a recent study by Deloitte reporting that three in four consumers believe that food is the best medicine, and the same number again actively seeking more personalised nutrition, the Spoon Guru + Google Cloud Marketplace partnership comes at just the right time.

By making Spoon Guru’s software available in the Google Cloud Marketplace in the upcoming months, Spoon Guru will open up a new channel for the distribution of its technology. This comes at a time when traditional retailers are increasingly looking for easy-to-deploy smart solutions that can help them boost their business performance and increase customer satisfaction. 

When retailers leverage advanced technology such as Spoon Guru, they can offer shoppers more relevant suggestions based on their actual preferences and shopping behaviour rather than relying on segmentation and third-party profiling data. And while relevant recommendations are obviously beneficial to the consumer, the value for retailers should not be underestimated. According to Boston Consulting Group, businesses that deliver personalised, relevant experiences to customers at multiple moments across the purchase journey can achieve cost savings of up to 30% and revenue increases of as much as 20%. Accenture has also reported that 91% of consumers claim to be more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. 

In short, when more relevant products are displayed to consumers, both conversion and loyalty increase.

Benefits of the partnership
Natively available within the Google Marketplace – no additional technology integrations needed
Best nutrition and technology experts to help you with your health initiatives
Quick to deploy
Highest accuracy when it comes to categorising your product catalogue
Better coverage when it comes to search & filter results
Improved recommendations
Hyper personalised and relevant marketing campaigns
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