Spoon Guru launches Health+™ to help Americans make smarter food choices

Spoon Guru launches Health+™ to help Americans make smarter food choices

The new product, available to retailers in the US, will help increase customer loyalty and support lasting behavioural change

London, January 17th, 2022: AI nutrition technology company Spoon Guru has today announced the launch of its latest product Health+™, the world’s first game-changing solution for retailers to help customers meet personal health and sustainability goals. 

Using behaviour science, Health+™ empowers consumers to make choices that are both healthy and beneficial to the planet. It allows customers to set goals to help them consume healthier and more sustainable products, such as buying less sugar, salt, red meat and more sustainable fish. Health+™ then encourages customers to make better decisions by identifying products and suggesting ‘smart swaps’ based on sustainability, health preferences and dietary needs, helping them to achieve their goals easily. 

The platform enables further personalisation by providing recipe recommendations and progress trackers and gamifies customers’ goals through rewards and social sharing. Health+™ can be integrated into retailers’ existing loyalty programmes and communication channels.

Retailers are increasingly being tasked to promote healthier shopping habits among their customers. Research from Spoon Guru found that 78% of Americans are paying more attention to their health since the COVID-19 pandemic began, however three quarters think supermarkets are not doing enough to support their health goals and 57% claim products are not labelled clearly enough. 

Markus Stripf, Co-Founder of Spoon Guru said, “Health+™ is a gamechanger. It empowers consumers to improve their health and that of the planet. By combining digital health with personalised health goals, we have created an effective and scalable way for retailers to foster behaviour change.”

A number of leading retailers currently use Spoon Guru’s cutting-edge technology, which is built on six years of machine learning algorithms. This includes Schnucks in the US, which this year launched ‘Good For You’, a platform built using Spoon Guru’s proprietary technology, which rewards customers for healthy baskets. In the UK, Spoon Guru works with leading retailer Tesco to develop ‘Helpful Little Swaps’ which encourage customers to make healthier choices by incorporating more fruit, vegetables and high fibre foods in their online shops.

Globally, Spoon Guru has partnerships with Albert Heijn in the Netherlands, and Woolworths in Australia and New Zealand, all of which have gained a competitive advantage by leveraging technology to meet the changing demands of consumers and helping them to live healthier lives.

Markus added: “Changing consumer diets and shopping habits have far-reaching implications for the entire grocery ecosystem: a healthier diet reduces the purchase of highly processed foods which in turn negatively impact the environment. Health+™ has the potential to reverse this trend.”

Shruti Chawla
Shruti Chawla Reed