Albert Heijn: TAGs®

Albert Heijn: TAGs®

Albert Heijn Snapshot

Number of TAGs: 80+
Type of TAGs: Allergen, Health, Lifestyle
Platforms: Web & App
  • Product Discovery (Filter & Search)
  • Product data enrichment
  • Food curation through dietary mini-hubs & micro-sites
  • Front-of-pack icons for quick easy visuals of key associated diets when browsing products online or in store (shelf edge)
  • Improved Category & Ranging Management & NPD decision making
  • Reduced friction within purchase funnel
  • Increase in searchable products by ~100%

Client: Albert Heijn 

Challenges: In 2018, Albert Heijn was not meeting its health and dietary product discovery needs in e-commerce because it was only able to look for dietary statements ‘on the label’, rather than a complete nutritional analysis and attribution of each product. Coupled with receiving information in multiple languages from suppliers, hard to interpret and incomplete data resulted in a poor online search experience for dietary and lifestyle needs.

At that time dietary and lifestyle search was not optimised by any Dutch retailer.  Albert Heijn saw this as a strong opportunity for differentiation and take another step to cementing themselves as the most accurate, simple, and fastest place to shop for health in the Netherlands.

How Spoon Guru Helped: Albert Heijn utilised Spoon Guru Product Discovery TAGs® to  reduce friction within the purchase funnel, allowing for easy, accurate and relevant product discovery across 80+ dietary & lifestyle attributes. Through enriching Albert Heijn product data with dietary attributes Spoon Guru was also able to clean and translate providing a single source of truth for industry leading data completeness and accuracy.

Coupled with world class leading UX, Albert heijn utilised TAGs® in 3 main ways to help their customers:

  1. TAGs® to optimise product discovery via filters and search online (see example)
  2. Food Curation – Making available dietary mini hubs where customers can shop for their specific needs within focused micro sites (see example)
  3. Front of Pack Icons – For quick easy visuals  of key associated diets when browsing products online or in store (shelf edge)

Internally this enriched data also helps with category & ranging management, and NPD decision making.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans:

  • Increase in searchable products by ~100%

“We made major steps within Albert Heijn about communicating Health, Diet & Lifestyle – online with filters, search and front of pack icons, & in-store mainly with Vegan flat-cards. Spoon Guru really speed up this process by enriching our data and sharing knowledge”
 –  Viktor Bos  (Data Manager)