Jet: TAGs®

Jet: TAGs®

Jet Snapshot

Number of TAGs: 25+
Type of TAGs: Allergen, Health, Lifestyle
Platforms: Web
  • Product discovery through Filter & Search
  • Food curation through dietary mini-hubs & micro-sites
  • 1.8x improved accuracy with Spoon Guru filters
  • 2x engagement with the filters (pre / post Spoon Guru)
  • 3x increase in click through rates (CTR) when using Spoon Guru TAGs® in RichRelevance recommendation algorithm
  • 4.5x increase in recommendation sales when using TAGs® in RichRelevance recommendation algorithm

Client: Jet

Challenges: Personalization represented a core business principle at, and a key pillar for differentiating themselves against their competitors in driving loyalty & increased sales amongst US urban shoppers.

In their approach to personalization, Jet were focused around 2 key areas, 1:1 personalization that connects their shoppers to the products they love faster and secondly, providing a shopping experience that allowed for easy food discovery through curation that was frictionless, intuitive and human.

How Spoon Guru Helped: By implementing Dietary TAGs®, was able to make possible search and discovery personalization through dietary filters, and create dietary hubs for the most popular diets such as Vegan, Gluten Free, and Kosher.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans: By implementing Spoon Guru’s TAGs®,’s customer engagement doubled when filters were being used. When using TAGs® in RichRelevance recommendation algorithm, they saw 3x more click through rates, and 4.5x increase in recommendation sales.