Schnucks: Good For You

Schnucks: Good For You

Schnucks ‘Good For You’ Snapshot

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  • Help customers to more easily buy healthier foods
  • Gain market share, stand out against competition
  • Increase customer engagement and NPS, enhance the loyalty programme
  • Uses existing loyalty program to reward healthy choices
  • Clearly identifies products in-store and online that are considered ‘good for you’
  • Identified over 5000 suitable products including healthier alternatives in each aisle of the store
  • 20% of the annual acquisition target was achieved within the first 2 weeks of launch
  • 50% sustained email open rate for the Good For You monthly email, higher than any other regular email
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Why Spoon Guru:
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  • In-house Nutritionists
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team

Client: Schnuck Markets

Summary: Schnucks is a progressive, family-owned supermarket retailer with more than 100 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. They wanted to launch the Good for You programme to help make it easier for customers to make the healthier choice, on any budget, and for this behaviour to be sustained over time.


  • Defining healthier foods in the absence of regulated nutritional and dietary guidance in the USA
  • Misleading marketing claims on food packaging leading to confusion for customers
  • Product data issues leading to discrepancies in analysis
  • Establishing transparency, credibility & trust for “Good For You” products right from the beginning

How Spoon Guru Helped: Schnucks leveraged Spoon Guru’s Health+ Starter solution which enables retailers to run unique health programs based on complex rules. Spoon Guru’s complex TAGs® are designed to support specific health goals. These are deployed through sophisticated logic based mechanism with rigorous rules & thresholds established by our nutrition experts.

We collected, enhanced and evaluated the data attributes for all foods sold at their stores to determine what is Good For You. This data was seamlessly pushed into the Spoon Guru system via an API for collation and standardisation. By using an amalgamation of regulated information from FDA, USDA, DGA and My Plate and external organisations such as AHA, we created a set of complex nutrition rules based on product category to analyse the foods on their shelves, at speed and scale. The sophisticated category-based criteria allows for a more nuanced approach in assessing products, creating a more transparent and accurate validator. It was our combination of industry-leading AI, based on an award-winning algorithm processing billions of data points daily and then further refined by a team of in-house nutritionists, that gave Schnucks confidence in the integrity of the Good For You list.

  • Approx 2.1M data points processed daily
  • 36 rule groups, each averaging approx. 12 rules

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans: By partnering with Spoon Guru, Schnucks are now able to provide a program that enables the easy discovery and trial of healthier products while at the same time showing their customers that eating healthy can be affordable for everyone, regardless of budget.

“Launching something that hasn’t been done before is never easy, but the team of experts at Spoon Guru went out of their way to ensure our vision for the Good For You program became a reality. Spoon Guru’s nutritional expertise and customer service are both top notch, and the implementation was seamless. We’re thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had from our shoppers who’ve joined our new program in numbers that far exceeded our expectations.”

Joy Petty, Sr. Director, Retail & Brand Marketing, Schnuck Markets

“With the help of Spoon Guru’s in-house nutrition experts, we evaluated all food sold at Schnucks stores to determine what is Good For You. As a neighborhood grocery store looking to build happier, healthier communities, The Good For You list simplifies making healthy choices to help Schnucks shoppers eat, feel and live healthier.”

Allison Primo, Manager, Health & Wellness Strategy, Schnuck Markets

“The Spoon Guru team made the implementation of the Good for You program relatively pain free. They collaborated with Schnucks to plan and execute an aggressive project schedule, met deadlines and were quick to solve issues. Their Customer Success team was hands-on and determined to make our partnership and program a success. They not only brought nutrition experts to the project, but also a clear competency for implementing digital health solutions.”

Tom Henry, Chief Data Officer & Deputy CIO, Schnuck Markets

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