Undisclosed Retailer: Recipe Hub

Undisclosed Retailer: Recipe Hub

Retailer Snapshot

Platforms: Web & Mobile Web
Applications: Recipe hub
  • Recipe search & discovery
  • Recipe ingredient swaps

Client: Undisclosed Retailer 

Challenges: Customers had no way of searching amongst the retailer’s 6000 recipes for recipes suitable for their dietary needs and nutrition information wasn’t available on recipe pages, making the recipe search experience quite clunky. They are competing with a rival retailer’s partnership with a major recipe site. The retailer wants to create a world-leading recipe hub solution, and grow its recipe database significantly, so needed a product that could analyse recipe data at scale. Their content team was manually calculating nutrition information for their monthly magazine, and needed an automated system to free up resources.

How Spoon Guru Helped: Spoon Guru partnered with the retailer to implement Recipe TAGs® and Nutrition Data to make recipes discoverable for people with dietary or health needs, and to help customers make more informed choices about what to cook. The real-time API allows us to process thousands of recipes and account for real-time product swaps which might result in changes in dietary suitability and nutritional value.