Undisclosed Retailer: Smart Swaps

Undisclosed Retailer: Smart Swaps

Retailer Snapshot
Feature Name: Smart Swaps
Platforms: Web & Mobile Web
  • Nudge customers as they shop
  • Recommends like-for-like ‘healthier’ swaps at similar price point
Results: When customers engage with the Smart Swaps feature they see:

  • 25% higher conversion rate
  • higher AOV

Client: Undisclosed Retailer

Challenges: Only 1% people in the retailer’s country eat according to dietary guidelines. Many of their customers are wanting to eat healthier but feel unclear as to how. They have a company objective to improve customer basket health by 2025.

How Spoon Guru Helped: Spoon Guru’s Smart Swaps product is a way of nudging customers to make healthier choices. Smart Swaps currently appears on the Product Detail Page and allows customers to view 1+ similar but healthier products when looking at their original product.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans: Customers are more likely to complete an order when using Smart Swaps, with 25% higher conversion rate. When they engage, they also spend more overall, with a higher basket AOV.