Accuracy and coverage in product discovery

Accuracy and coverage in product discovery

When it comes to accuracy and coverage in product discovery, it’s important for you, and your customers, that your search results are right on the money.
Every time.

Putting online accuracy & coverage to the test

We audited some of the biggest supermarkets in Europe and the USA – here’s what we found:


average number of errors per search: 72; average number of missing products per search: 181


average rate of errors & missing products in UK, France, USA supermarket searches

Accuracy issues on specific dietary searches affect retailers on a global scale, limiting trust from customers, while coverage issues limit the potential conversion rate through lack of choice.


Search term with most incorrect products returned: nut free (70%); search term with greatest number of missing products from search results: vegan sausages (135%)


On average, shoppers searching for nut-free foods were being shown a dangerously high number of products containing nuts. Those looking for vegan food were shown only a fraction of the products suitable for them. Both retailers and their customers lose out when shoppers simply can’t find what they’re looking for.

With a proven 99% accuracy rate, we deliver the best results, every time.

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