HFSS Index by Spoon Guru

HFSS Index by Spoon Guru

From October 2022, new legislation around food and drinks with High Fat Sugar Salt (HFSS) will come into force in the UK. This legislation will introduce the following restrictions for retailers:

  • Product Placement: HFSS products to be banned in store at entrances, aisle ends, checkouts, and at their online equivalents – entry or landing pages, shopping baskets, payment pages
  • Product Promotions: The sale of volume promotions on HFFS food & drinks will be prohibited (buy one get one free, three for two offers etc)

Definition of HFSS Products

Prepackaged food and drink in the following categories will be restricted if they are considered HFSS (High Fat, Sugar, Salt):

Soft drinks, cakes, chocolate or sugar confectionery, ice cream, morning goods (e.g. pastries), puddings, sweet biscuits, breakfast cereals, yogurts, milk-based or juice-based drinks with added sugar, pizza, ready meals, meal centres, (including breaded & battered products), savoury snacks, crisps, chips and similar potato products.

The 2004/5 Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) calculates the scores used to determine which products are or are not HFSS:

  • Food products ≥ 4 are HFSS
  • Drink products ≥ 1 are HFSS


The Challenge

Retailers & suppliers face potential risk in the areas of finance; product reformulation, identification, and promotion; resourcing:

  • Financial risk associated with non compliance
  • Building a whole new system for Nutrition Profile Modelling 
  • Own label formulations & identification of HFSS products
  • Promotion and space planning 
  • Time crunch / speed to market
  • Resource allocation
  • Delay in understanding the impact on each category

The Solution

Spoon Guru offers a robust health profiling capability based on government Nutrient Profiling Models (NPM) alongside a proprietary fruit, vegetable and nut (FVN) scoring system enabling accurate HFSS analysis at speed across tens of thousands of SKUs

Spoon Guru HFSS Index Methodology

Our Services


Core Services:

  • A spreadsheet identifying HFSS for own label products with 100% accuracy at scale or by category for national brands, based on level of information on the label for your Suppliers. This data can be filtered by range, category and price point.
  • For products near the HFSS threshold we will perform a manual risk assessment using our QA team. We assess the levels of fruit, vegetable and nut information available in the NPM scoring. This will isolate borderline products for review.


Additional Services:

  • HFSS Tag: As suppliers reformulate, we deliver daily attribution of HFSS and non-HFSS products into your master data management platform to enable planning, trading & execution.
  • Smart Swaps Similarity Engine: A promotionally-driven Healthy Swaps product for digital channel execution to incentivise purchase of healthier food items. Our NPM capability is combined with our similarity engine to recommend products in the same category with similar mass and format, including commercial requirements around price and promotional products.
  • Retailer Health Score: We can track the health of each shopper’s basket, aggregating this into a monthly or quarterly health score for your shoppers, allowing you to track and report health changes in shopper behaviour.



  • Quickly identify size of impact of HFSS regulation, category by category
  • Quickly identify which products will no longer meet regulations, so you can flag to store operations, trading and promotional planning, and category teams 
  • Immediately support your conversation with category leaders
  • Identify healthier products that can still meet customer and commercial needs, allowing you to test new offers and ranging ideas as early as possible

download Download the HFSS Index Information Sheet (PDF)