Recipe Discovery by Spoon Guru

Recipe Discovery by Spoon Guru

Use AI to help your shoppers find & shop for recipes that match their dietary needs & health preferences, seamlessly.

Download the Recipe Discovery Information Sheet (PDF)

“As the pandemic continues to create challenges for social interaction and people continue to work from home, we expect retailers to focus on inspiring meal solutions for all occasions throughout the day and week. By highlighting both value, ease of preparation and cooking along with inspiration, retailers have a real opportunity to capture shopper spend that was previously taking place out-of-home.”

Toby Pickard, Head of Innovation and Futures, IGD 

The Challenge

Finding suitable recipes to meet health preferences & dietary needs from one source and shopping for ingredients to cook the recipe on a different source is an overwhelming, confusing & time consuming experience for the consumer. Retailers also, aren’t able to seamlessly connect this ‘search to shop’ experience which is a clear missed opportunity to increase basket sizes and AOV while supporting their shoppers goals.


The Solution

Classify your recipes based on ingredients with multiple attributes including nutrient value, descriptions, and calories, help your customers discover the right recipe for their needs and allow them to shop for them all in one place.


How We Do It

Our platform analyzes and tags your recipes according to nutrients, ingredients and food styles of the products used in them. 

Food discovery is further personalized by ranking the most relevant recipes based on health value and shopper’s propensity to buy products against their dietary purchases & shopping behavior. Our platform uses highly trained machine learning models augmented by expert nutritionists to deliver accurate results for all customer touchpoints across food discovery. 

Recipe TAGs®: All of your recipes are classified with multiple attributes utilising nutrients, ingredients, descriptions, and product packaging statements. The recipes are also measured in nutritional value per serving to give your shoppers the right foods for their needs. TAGs® provide the fundamentals of an online health strategy, allowing shoppers to search for recipes by Allergy, Lifestyle, and Diet.


The Benefits

  • Differentiate your retail offering
  • Increase purchases and loyalty by returning recipes that match your customers’ preferences
  • Drive baskets by using recipes to encourage new product discovery
  • Real-time API allows for fast and accurate processing of thousands of recipes
  • Display and share recipe nutrition info per serve, per 100g and support your customers’ health & lifestyle goals



download Download the Recipe Discovery Information Sheet (PDF)