Intelligent Curation by Spoon Guru

Intelligent Curation by Spoon Guru

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When shoppers make a Smart Swap, over 75% remain in baskets and proceed to checkout

We learned that swaps work and we have learned how to increase sales, though reducing purchases of unhealthy items has proven harder. On the flipside, we know labelling, education and in-aisle positioning do not work on their own.

Sharon Bligh, Health & Wellness Director, The Consumer Goods Forum

The Challenge

Retailers are tasked with helping their customers eat more healthily, and customers are looking to retailers to help them achieve their health goals.

The Solution

Identify and recommend healthier products that are similar per category. This helps nudge customers towards healthier eating habits over time.

How We Do It

Spoon Guru AI looks beyond the label and analyzes nutritional level data to curate healthier alternatives for each product in the same category.

The Benefits

  • 100% accurate results for suitable products based on dietary needs and health preferences.
  • Trust and convenience for your shoppers
  • Increased frequency of purchase and usually more items per order
  • Secure market share and increase loyalty through an improved and personalized customer experience
  • Conversion is 50% more for visits with a healthier swap compared to visits with any cart additions.*
  • Average Order Value is 10% higher for customers that swap for a healthier product than customers without.*

Spoon Guru insights

COVID-19 has given us more impetus and determination to go further and to make an even bigger impact on the health of our customers. It is our duty to society, and we have to keep customer front-of-mind. He said the end goal must be to make a positive difference at scale.

Jason Tarry, CEO, Tesco

Smart Swaps in action


Smart swaps: Woolworths    Smart swaps: Tesco

Spoon Guru’s specialist algorithms are already meeting the health goals and dietary requirements of millions of Woolworths’ customers.

Ingrid Maes, Managing Director of W23

download Download the Intelligent Curation Information Sheet (PDF)