Sustainability TAGs® by Spoon Guru

Sustainability TAGs® by Spoon Guru

As a digital innovation partner to some of the world’s leading grocery retailers, the demand for Spoon Guru’s AI platform has grown significantly over the past 12 months, which indicates that retailers are in need of solutions that can help them to adapt to consumer demand for specific products, such as plant based protein sources or nut-free meat alternatives for example. Spoon Guru can offer the retailers a unique insight into which products consumers are craving and thus nurtures innovation on the product development side.

We have already seen a spotlight shone on the need for more personalisation capabilities within the grocery industry. This is likely to become even more prominent as more people focus on defining their own health agenda, which may well be different to their partner’s or their children. The ability to quickly and simply personalise the shopping experience to cater for an entire household’s differing needs will be hugely beneficial.

The health agenda is at the forefront for many, but the environment, society and our impact on the planet have all been thrust into the spotlight too. Our clients and the grocery industry as a whole are looking at how they can ensure that they are a driving force for change and technology like ours will be crucial to helping consumers make the best choices for the planet as well as for themselves.

Spoon Guru takes pride in partnering with our clients to help them become as successful as possible which means meeting their needs in addition to market trends and driving our product roadmap. All our solutions integrate seamlessly into their omni-channel strategy to enable them to retain and delight their customers by meeting their dietary and lifestyle needs while increasing profitability.

As a direct result of the pandemic, shifting consumer shopping habits and an increased focus on the health of the planet, we developed ‘Sustainability’ specific TAGs to help retailers provide an easy way for their customers to buy products that match their preferences. We are also launching a wider Sustainability solution to support retailers with strict ESG targets as part of our commitment to helping partners be successful in meeting and reporting against goals as well as encouraging consumers’ ethical choices.

99% of CEOs from companies with more than £1 billion in annual revenues believe sustainability will be important to the future success of their business.*

* Accenture UNGC CEO Study

“No one business can tackle these challenges alone. We must take collective action as a food industry to drive the transformational changes necessary to meet the UK’s climate commitments.”

Ken Murphy, CEO Tesco

The Challenge

Retailers are facing a clear call to action and the challenge is two fold. One, shoppers want to live more sustainable lives and expect grocers to play an integral role in helping them meet their dietary and ethical needs. Two, retailers need to achieve their CSR & ESG targets and time is running out.

The Solution

Enable consumers to make incremental changes in their behavior that are easy to adopt and sustain while providing transparency on the products they buy.

How We Do It

Identify and categorize products that meet sustainability standards by analyzing metadata on the ingredient, packaging and sourcing level to deliver a wider portfolio of accurate choices to the consumer based on their shopping needs.


  • Improved NPS, Increased AOV on sustainable products, larger sustainable basket
  • Gain customer trust and increase loyalty by supporting their goals and enhancing their shopping experience
  • Pathway to successfully meeting ESG targets
  • Incremental behavior change to live more sustainably

“Spoon Guru’s specialist algorithms are already meeting the health goals and dietary requirements of millions of Woolworths’ customers.”

– Ingrid Maes, Managing Director of W23

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