The UK grocery report card on health

The UK grocery report card on health

May 2022 has seen the release of two health reports which UK retailers should take very seriously.

Non-profit organisation, Access To Nutrition Initiative, with support from ShareAction, published the first ever ATNI UK Retailer Index – a full nutrition and health-specific assessment of all major UK food retailers. This was released hot off the heels of the WHO European Regional Obesity Report. 

The WHO report itself was damning, leading the UN to declare an obesity epidemic amongst predictions that obesity will soon take over from cigarettes as the biggest cause of preventable cancer. This report also disclosed that no European country is presently on track to reduce obesity rates by 2025, something that should be of particular concern for the UK which had the second highest incidences of both obesity and overweight adults in the region.

Cue the ATNI UK Retailer Index

Nearly all major UK supermarkets have some sort of Health Strategy in place, with everything from targets to increase the sales of ‘healthy’ food to improving public awareness of good health and nutrition via online resources. In mid-2021, ATNI assessed each retailer’s overall health and nutrition efforts, and allocated each a score out of 10.

With the average score being only 3.3, there is a clear call to action for UK retailers to do a lot more. Only one supermarket, Tesco, scored over 50% in the overall rankings, scoring very highly for ‘Nutrient profiling – defining ‘healthy’ products’, and ‘Accessibility of nutritional information and labelling’. 

How did they score so well on these fronts? They are committed to their health strategy and they use Spoon Guru. 

A successful health strategy can really drive impact when executed well, and it doesn’t need to be challenging to begin, implement and scale. Yes, it requires a dedicated team of experts in both technology and nutrition, a combination that most organisations do not have readily available in-house. But you don’t need to create that team yourself because we are that team, experienced and ready to do the heavy lifting for you. 

“Spoon Guru has had a really positive, demonstrable impact on our online grocery business”

–  Alessandra Belinni (CCO)

But don’t just take our word for it – Tesco and Schnucks (USA) are two examples of supermarkets who have implemented highly successful health campaigns by working with us and using our nutrition expertise and sophisticated technology. And we can do the same for you – just ask us how.


You can find both reports here:

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