Schnucks: Healthier Habits

Schnucks: Healthier Habits

Schnucks ‘Healthier Habits’* Snapshot

* previously known as Good For You

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  • Help customers to more easily buy healthier foods
  • Gain market share, stand out against competition
  • Increase customer engagement and NPS, enhance the loyalty programme
  • Uses existing loyalty program to reward healthy choices
  • Clearly identifies products in-store and online that are considered ‘healthier’
  • Healthier Habits drives increased frequency and customer spend
  • Healthier Habits program members are more engaged and evidence stronger loyalty than
    other Rewards members
  • Improvements in basket health & overall health democratization
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    Marketing |  Health |  Commercial
Why Spoon Guru:
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  • In-house Nutritionists
  • Dedicated Customer Success Team

Client: Schnuck Markets

Summary: Schnucks is a progressive, family-owned supermarket retailer with more than 100 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. The Schnucks Marketing Team wanted to launch a health program to help make it easier for customers to make the healthier choice, on any budget, and for all demographics.


  • Data discrepancies in product information
  • Lack of standardized definitions for “healthier” foods
  • Misleading marketing claims & complex nutritional information

How Spoon Guru Helped: Spoon Guru’s worked with Schucks  to create a dynamic, bespoke TAG which included a complex nutrient profiling system based on complex nutrition rules and co-created ‘Health Definitions’ in each product category to analyse the foods at speed and scale. This allows for a more nuanced approach in assessing products, creating a more transparent and accurate validator.

The end solution included:

  • Collection, enhancement, and evaluation of data attributes
  • Implementation of sophisticated profiling mechanism to establish health criteria
  • Driving automation to eliminate complexities at scale
  • Seamless integration of data into the Healthier Habits program

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans: The Healthier Habits program’s quantifiable results underscore its transformative impact on both business performance and customer’s health engagement. Not only did they achieve the previously set goals but also saw positive outcomes in areas such as improved accessibility to healthier food options for lower income families.

“Schnucks’ partnership with Spoon Guru has supported the growth and success of our health initiatives. Their cutting-edge technology and nutrition expertise have propelled our Healthier Habits program to new heights, resulting in measurable impacts on customer engagement, spending behavior, and the overall health of their baskets.

Spoon Guru is committed to creating solutions based on their client’s objectives and unique needs. For us it was a dynamic TAG to highlight the nutrient dense items in our stores, which incorporates a set of intricate nutrition rules. This innovative approach has empowered us to efficiently analyze food offerings resulting in an approachable way for customers to easily find and choose healthier options when shopping at Schnucks. These tags are not only integrated in store but also online and within our loyalty rewards app, ensuring we can support customers on their health journey no matter how they shop.

Partnering with Spoon Guru is more than just a collaboration; it’s a strategic investment in delivering exceptional value to the business & fostering healthier communities.

Allison Primo, Manager, Health & Wellness Strategy, Schnuck Markets

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