Product Discovery by Spoon Guru

Product Discovery by Spoon Guru

The fundamentals of a grocers’ health strategy, allowing shoppers to search for food by allergy, lifestyle, and diet.

Download the Product Discovery Information Sheet (PDF)

The Challenge

Shoppers find searching and browsing for products that meet their dietary needs to be time consuming and inaccurate. Search results for some of the most popular health and lifestyle diets return very few results when based on product statements alone, and retailers lose sales as a consequence.

The Solution

TAGs® technology highlights suitable products based on health needs & dietary requirement and recommends additional highly relevant products to discover. We rank the most relevant products based on each shopper’s dietary preferences and shopping behavior, returning more accurate search and filter results and wider portfolio of products to choose from. 

How We Do It

We classify all of your food and drink products with multiple attributes utilising nutrients, ingredients, descriptions, and product packaging statements. Our platform uses highly trained machine learning models augmented by expert nutritionists to deliver accurate results for all customer touch-points across food discovery.

Spoon Guru’s specialist algorithms are already meeting the health goals and dietary requirements of millions of Woolworths’ customers.

Ingrid Maes, Managing Director of W23

The Benefits

  • High accuracy for product discovery
  • Increase coverage within your product catalog
  • Trust and convenience for your shoppers
  • Increase frequency of purchase and items per order
  • Uplift in top-line revenue
  • Competitor differentiation around dietary and health needs
  • Grow market share and loyalty through improved customer experience

Spoon Guru has had a really positive, demonstrable impact on our online grocery business.

– Alessandra Belinni, Chief Customer Officer, Tesco

Live Use Cases

  • Product Discovery through Filter & Search
  • Product data enrichment & SEO optimisation
  • Food curation through dietary landing pages, mini-hubs & micro-sites
  • Front-of-pack icons for quick easy visuals of key associated diets when browsing products online or in store (shelf edge)


Client Results

  • Improved Category & Range Management 
  • Improved NPD 
  • Reduced friction within purchase funnel
  • Sizeable Increase in searchable products 
  • Significant improvement in the shopping experience
  • Increased AOV, Conversion, CTR and basket size 


Case Studies

We made major steps within Albert Heijn about communicating Health, Diet & Lifestyle – online with filters, search and front of pack icons, & in-store mainly with Vegan flat-cards. Spoon Guru really speed up this process by enriching our data and sharing knowledge.

– Viktor Bos, Data Manager, Albert Heijn

download Download the Product Discovery Information Sheet (PDF)