Feature Posts

Accuracy and coverage in product discovery

When it comes to accuracy and coverage in product discovery, it’s important for you, and your customers, that your search results are right on the money.
Every time.

Our customers’ success by numbers

We’ve analysed 12 months of data from our customers across the globe, and found valuable insights that can help retailers to improve their KPIs.

Americans call on supermarkets and government to steer healthy eating habits as new COVID-19 strain spreads

With 90% of Americans claiming to be actively taking steps to strengthen their immune systems, consumers are calling on supermarkets to offer more support in helping them fortify their bodies and eat better.

How retailers can drive growth by keeping up with their consumer’s changing dietary goals

Spoon Guru is delighted to share the findings of the latest research conducted by PwC in association with Google and Spoon Guru. The study analyses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on UK consumer behaviour and has produced compelling insights.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People: New survey shows a shift towards sustainable diets in the UK & USA

In the wake of a new UN-backed report claiming that plant heavy diets are urgently needed to curb rising levels of wildlife loss, a new survey by Spoon Guru reveals how British and American consumers are embracing diets that are healthy for the planet as well as healthy for themselves.

American shoppers want help from supermarkets to bolster health and wellness, latest study finds

Our most recent survey of US consumers shows major support for use of personalization technology by supermarkets to assist food discovery and healthy eating.

Healthy eating habits start in-store for many UK and US shoppers

Over the past year the vast majority of UK and US shoppers have consciously been making healthier food choices, yet shoppers say that this is not enough.

Study Shows AI Tool Can Improve Best Practices in Managing Nut Allergies

The integration of AI & machine learning within dietetic practice stands to offer great potential to strengthen & support dietitians & health professionals.