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American shoppers want help from supermarkets to bolster health and wellness, latest study finds

Our most recent survey of US consumers shows major support for use of personalization technology by supermarkets to assist food discovery and healthy eating.

Americans call on supermarkets and government to steer healthy eating habits as new COVID-19 strain spreads

With 90% of Americans claiming to be actively taking steps to strengthen their immune systems, consumers are calling on supermarkets to offer more support in helping them fortify their bodies and eat better.

Sustainability TAGs® by Spoon Guru

Make your consumers’ sustainability preferences easier to shop, drive positive behavior change, achieve your ESG goals and unlock revenue.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People: New survey shows a shift towards sustainable diets in the UK & USA

A quarter of British and American consumers are opting to follow sustainable diets to tackle global warming amidst urgent calls to curb wildlife extinction. Nearly a third are urging retailers for more help on how to choose plant based foods.

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