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American shoppers want help from supermarkets to bolster health and wellness, latest study finds

Our most recent survey of US consumers shows major support for use of personalization technology by supermarkets to assist food discovery and healthy eating.

Accuracy and coverage in product discovery

When it comes to accuracy and coverage in product discovery, it’s important for you, and your customers, that your search results are right on the money.
Every time.

Recipes by Spoon Guru

Use AI to help your shoppers find & shop for recipes that match their dietary needs & health preferences, seamlessly.

Dietary TAGs® by Spoon Guru

The fundamentals of a grocers’ health strategy, allowing shoppers to search for food by allergy, lifestyle, and diet.

HFSS Index by Spoon Guru

From October 2022, new legislation around food and drinks with High Fat Sugar Salt (HFSS) will come into force in the UK. This HFSS Index provides a robust health profiling capability and accurate HFSS analysis, at speed, across tens of thousands of SKUs.

Sustainability TAGs® by Spoon Guru

Make your consumers’ sustainability preferences easier to shop, drive positive behavior change, achieve your ESG goals and unlock revenue.

Smart Swaps by Spoon Guru

Retailers are tasked with helping their customers eat more healthily, and customers are looking to retailers to help them achieve their health goals. Make shopping for healthier products easier for your customers, improve loyalty & sales, and unlock revenue.