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The complex nature of defining “Healthy”

Retailers are under constant pressure to diversify and emphasise their product offering through a health lens. However, differentiating “healthier” products is highly complex, requiring data-led nutrition and demanding attention from regulatory framework, nutritional guidelines, and product label knowledge.

Are you confident in the results and coverage of your product search? Think again.

One of the most important aspects of a food retailer’s site is its search functionality. Without a robust system in place, you inhibit your customers’ ability to shop for the products they need. With the correct indexing customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.

The Future Unveiled: Small Language Models in Nutrition’s Next Frontier

What does the future of AI assistance in food and nutrition look like? Our CTO explores the potential of Small Language Models (SLMs) to help us navigate dietary choices, combat food waste, and vigilantly monitor our health in this final instalment of our AI series.

Transforming Nutrition: How Small Language Models Reshape the Way We Eat

What are the practical applications of Small Language Models (SLMs) in the food and nutrition sector? Our CTO explores the transformative potential for Recipe Recommendations, Meal Planning, Dietary Trend Analysis and Customer Interactions in this instalment of our AI series.

Navigating Small Language Models in Nutrition: Pros, Cons, and the Road Ahead

In the third instalment of our AI series, our CTO looks at the pros and cons of Small Language Models (SLMs), and the invaluable personalisation opportunities they present for the food and nutrition industries.

Small Language Models (SLMs) in Nutrition: Unrivalled Precision and Context-Awareness

In the realm of nutrition, the emergence of AI offers an unparalleled opportunity. This post looks at the difference between Small Language Models (SLM) & Large Language Models (LLM) and the functions, applications and use cases of SLMs for those working in the nutrition and food sectors.

Ethical AI: Pioneering Responsible Nutrition with Spoon Guru

Responsible AI is not merely an agenda but a cardinal mission at the heart of Spoon Guru. This is the first in a series of posts from our CTO exploring the development of Small Language Models (SLMs) and responsible AI applications in food and nutrition.