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HFSS: the what, the why, and the how

New HFSS legislation is coming into force in the UK October 2022. We explain what HFSS is, why it’s happening, and how the legislation is being rolled out.

The race to bring healthy foods to Britain’s front door

While the new UK’s HFSS legislation may be new, the call to help improve people’s health and quality of life by reducing instances of obesity is not.

Expect Another Surge in U.S. Grocery E-Commerce as In-Store Shortages Accelerate

Grocery shopping on-line will certainly reduce the anxiety of seeing empty shelves, and shoppers will only see the products that are available. What shoppers will demand however, alongside a better UX, is more accurate information.

US consumers say they eat healthier, but are they really?

While nearly half of consumers believe health and wellness have become more important over the past year during the pandemic, the reality is that healthier products occupy less than a quarter of consumer spend. So how do we shift that desire into changing what is in consumers’ shopping baskets?

Where people in the US moved during the pandemic and the effect on grocery retail

From coast to coast, Americans migrated toward less-dense, more-affordable areas. Supermarkets must heed the population shift warning.

Social media influences on what we buy and eat

Is it possible to make healthier foods, like vegetables, more appealing by applying visual characteristics associated with fattier foods?

Child obesity has a new enemy – the pandemic

Like many adults, kids are snacking more and moving less. The problem is of epidemic proportions and my concern is that with this behavior, their immunity will become even weaker and whether its during the next flu season, or worse – another pandemic, even more lives will be at risk.