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HFSS: the what, the why, and the how

New HFSS legislation is coming into force in the UK October 2022. We explain what HFSS is, why it’s happening, and how the legislation is being rolled out.

Are you confident in the results and coverage of your product search? Think again.

One of the most important aspects of a food retailer’s site is its search functionality. Without a robust system in place, you inhibit your customers’ ability to shop for the products they need. With the correct indexing customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.

It’s not easy being green

While sustainability initiatives at the corporate and production level are an impactful step in the right direction, many consumers are simply not aware of them or are suspicious of greenwashing. Adding sustainability tools to the product discovery journey is an important step to putting the purchasing power back in the hands of consumers.

The UK grocery report card on health

May 2022 has seen the release of two health reports which UK retailers should take very seriously – the WHO European Regional Obesity Report and the ATNI UK Retailer Index.

The complex nature of defining “Healthy”

Retailers are under constant pressure to diversify and emphasise their product offering through a health lens. However, differentiating “healthier” products is highly complex, requiring data-led nutrition and demanding attention from regulatory framework, nutritional guidelines, and product label knowledge.

The Modern Shopper: Jessica Siegel from Gelson’s

Jessica Siegel has been the Staff Dietitian at Gelson’s for more than 20 years and is one of the leaders in the retail dietitian effort. She spoke to Phil Lempert about the importance of having consistent messaging around healthy eating, the value of tapping into trends like grab & go, and some of the challenges and opportunities for Retail Dietitians today.

The Modern Shopper: Beth Johnson from Food Directions LLC

Phil Lempert speaks with Beth Johnson, the Founder and Principal at Food Directions LLC. With over 25 years of food policy experience serving inside and outside the government, Beth has some great insights to share! In this episode Beth and Phil discuss the front-of-pack systems helping shoppers to meet their health and sustainability goals, and Beth shares her insights on why defining ’healthy’ is so tricky in the first place.

The Modern Shopper: Allison Delaney from Stop & Shop Supermarkets

Phil Lempert interviews Allison Delaney from Stop & Shop Supermarkets. In this episode they talk about innovating private brand products to meet shoppers’ health, wellness, and budgetary needs, and Allison shares some great insights into the development of the private brand products, the call for greater ingredient transparency when it comes to Free-From, and the potential of e-commerce. 

Spoon Guru is Honored in 2021 Digital Health Awards®

Spoon Guru is proud to have received a Digital Health Award in the category of Web-based Digital Health Web-based Resource / Tool.