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HFSS: the what, the why, and the how

New HFSS legislation is coming into force in the UK October 2022. We explain what HFSS is, why it’s happening, and how the legislation is being rolled out.

The race to bring healthy foods to Britain’s front door

While the new UK’s HFSS legislation may be new, the call to help improve people’s health and quality of life by reducing instances of obesity is not.

Expect Another Surge in U.S. Grocery E-Commerce as In-Store Shortages Accelerate

Grocery shopping on-line will certainly reduce the anxiety of seeing empty shelves, and shoppers will only see the products that are available. What shoppers will demand however, alongside a better UX, is more accurate information.

HFSS enforcement and compliance: what we know about it so far

The HFSS Legislation white paper is still pending, however this is what we know about the enforcement so far, after the consultation with industry.

HFSS: what has been done before and do these restrictions work?

We took a little look at what has been done around the world to help populations shift towards healthier choices – what seems to be working, and which interventions have failed and why. 

Spoon Guru unveils world’s first, smart food recommendation platform at NRF

The AI-powered food search and discovery platform has rolled out their new ‘Health and Wellness Suite’ at NRF 2020.

Will AI and machine learning replace human thinking?

Whether for or against machine learning, recent technological advances have completely transformed how we live. AI & machine learning should be used in tandem with human thinking to push innovation forward.