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The complex nature of defining “Healthy”

Retailers are under constant pressure to diversify and emphasise their product offering through a health lens. However, differentiating “healthier” products is highly complex, requiring data-led nutrition and demanding attention from regulatory framework, nutritional guidelines, and product label knowledge.

Are you confident in the results and coverage of your product search? Think again.

One of the most important aspects of a food retailer’s site is its search functionality. Without a robust system in place, you inhibit your customers’ ability to shop for the products they need. With the correct indexing customers can find what they’re looking for with ease.

Build vs Buy – The never ending conundrum

The retail landscape is evolving, and so are your customers’ needs. As dietary preferences become increasingly diverse, delivering highly personalized shopping experiences is more important than ever. In the UK alone, nearly 60% of shoppers consider specific dietary requirements when making food purchases. With such a significant portion of the population searching for foods with […]

Ethical AI: Pioneering Responsible Nutrition with Spoon Guru

Responsible AI is not merely an agenda but a cardinal mission at the heart of Spoon Guru. This is the first in a series of posts from our CTO exploring the development of Small Language Models (SLMs) and responsible AI applications in food and nutrition.

A year in review with a peek into the future

A retrospective look at the significant trends that impacted both shoppers retailers in 2023, and a look to what we can anticipate in 2024.

Spoon Guru launches Immunity Support TAG in the wake of Covid-19

Spoon Guru has announced the launch of a new ‘Immunity Support TAG’ in the wake of Covid-19, to help consumers find foods online and in stores to support their immune system.

Spoon Guru unveils world’s first, smart food recommendation platform at NRF

The AI-powered food search and discovery platform has rolled out their new ‘Health and Wellness Suite’ at NRF 2020.

Will AI and machine learning replace human thinking?

Whether for or against machine learning, recent technological advances have completely transformed how we live. AI & machine learning should be used in tandem with human thinking to push innovation forward.